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"All of us learn to write in the second grade. Most of us go on to greater things."
Bobby Knight (1940 - )





Short Stories

Corporate Writings

Lloyd Hawes writes freelance articles and creative fiction (as opposed to uncreative fiction) in various formats: short stories, novellas, screenplays, and novels. In this section, you will find treatments and some copyrighted material free for non-commercial use - that means only for your personal enjoyment.

If you find something of interest or have comments or questions, please email me with your contact info, so I can reply.



Nature of Men Christine de Pizan and the Nature of Men

What does the 15th century writer, Christine de Pizan, say about the nature of women and men?

Suite 101 Suite 101

Suite101.com is an online magazine covering hundreds of topics. I have published articles on hiking, kids and parenting, travel, and medieval history.

Associated Content Associated Content

Associatedcontent.com is an Internet content provider. My articles range from political commentary to addressing parenting issues.


Books (in process)

Rosetta 21 Rosetta 21 (chapter 1)

Scotty Aberdeen is an Archaeology graduate student at University of Washington. On a field study excursion with his professor, they discover the key that unlocks the mystery to the disapperance 1,000 years ago of the Mayans. But, others are after the key, and as Scotty runs from his pursuers, he makes unexpected discoveries about the Mayans and himself.



Lost in Baja Lost in Baja

Imagine being in Mexico with no cash, no passport, and no shoes. How do you get home? Jake Davis and Sam Verberhogen, two insurance salespeople from Seattle, are about to found out.

Bank Robbery 101 Bank Robbery 101

FBI Special Agent Sam Barry has a problem: he hates his job. That's not the problem. He is very good at his job. That's not the problem either. No one wants him to quit. Not the criminals he is chasing. Not his boss. Not the Bureau. That's the problem. Agent Barry wants to stop working, but what is his exit strategy?


Short Stories

Le Velo le Plus Rapide Le Velo le Plus Rapide

A story about cycling and the desire to win.

Black and White Black and White

The last thoughts of a soldier in Afghanistan.