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"All of us learn to write in the second grade. Most of us go on to greater things."
Bobby Knight (1940 - )


Bank Robbery 101

By Lloyd Hawes

Sam Barry is an FBI Special Agent assigned to the Seattle office. His job is to infiltrate suspected bank robbing gangs and set them up for the fall. While White Collar crime grabs most of the headlines, the rate of good old-fashioned bank robberies have risen in the past few years. And, Special Agent Barry's job is to try and bring that rate down in the Seattle area.

All well and good, except Sam Barry is suffering from a case of burn-out. His disillusionment only increases when he uncovers corruption in the Bureau. Someone is "redirecting" the evidence from his arrests. How does he find out who, without blowing his cover?

Enter Treasury Agent Emilee Sulkowski. She is on the trail of missing money from bank robbery cases. She believes Sam is the person responsible. As she investigates and complicates Sam's life, events take an unexpected turn.

Sam finds himself bonding with this latest band of bank robbing misfits and, unbeknowst to the gang, he enlists their help in pursuing a 'mole' in the Bureau.

No one is as they seem in this caper as Sam tries to unravel the knots of deception. Will he succeed? But, more importantly, will he win the girl?