'nuff said

"All of us learn to write in the second grade. Most of us go on to greater things."
Bobby Knight (1940 - )


Lost in Baja

By Lloyd Hawes

Jake Davis and Sam Verberhogen are two insurance salespersons who work in the same office. However, they are quite different. Jake is a reckless womanizer, while Sam is more reserved, still recovering emotionally from his divorce six years ago.

After winning a sales contest - the prize being a Mexican cruise - the two find themselves sharing a cabin and driving each other crazy. A port excursion that goes wrong for them, has Jake and Sam finding themselves in the middle of Baja California, Mexico without money, passports, or shoes.

Jake, confident he knows how to find their way back to the ship, as well as their clothes, leads the two deeper into trouble. The ship leaves the dock in two days. Can Jake and Sam work out their differences in order to slip past the narcotics agent hell bent on arresting them, avoid the motorcycle gang which thinks they stole the gang's bank loot, and still save Sam's chances with Marcia Thomas, his new infatuation?